Haiti: The Plot Thickens Since this article was written some other things have been revealed. It has come to light that elements of the economic elite and some of the political class who opposed the President hired Columbian mercenaries dressed as and claiming to be DEA agents through a Miami firm with the help of a failed Haitian businessman who had Presidential aspirations. It seems that some of the presidential guard are accomplices as they did nothing to prevent the attack and none were wounded. There was discord in Haiti because the President wanted to stay in power a year longer than some interpreted the law to allow. Secondly, the president had failed to control the gangs which had recently united into a super gang and were calling for violent revolution. The growing power and reach of the gangs and their call for revolution alarmed the economic elite some of whom financed the operation to

Haiti - again!

 Despite the attitude of the US and Europe to Haiti, the Caribbean country has suffered from poor leadership which I posit is the main cause of the country's current situation. The 'dire political, economic, and social disarray' of Haiti exacerbated by the Corona Virus, is a classic example of what underdevelopment of most of its people does to a country. When I visited Haiti in the 70s, I found a wealthy, mostly brown skinned wealthy elite in tandem with a mostly corrupt black political elite lording it over a mostly black and poor populace living in slums. These elites may enjoy such a situation for a time but such an arrangement is not sustainable. Jamaica too suffers from 'dire political, economic, and social disarray' which is becoming more dire every day. The more we in Jamaica follow the example of Haiti and neglect the development of most of our people, the more likely Jamaica is to end up with the same results as Haiti. Tek sleep mark death! Raymond D. Gran

Men who like to Fuck children may be sickos but should we castrate them? As one who was trained in Early Childhood Education and who worked as an Early Childhood Consultant for a while, I had to study pedophilia. As pedophilia is a sexual orientation and it is impossible to change one's sexual orientation, one cannot just decide to not be a pedophile. Pedophilia is an incurable sexual orientation affecting up to 5% of a population. Therefore, there are thousands of pedophiles on the loose in Jamaica. According to the Pope, 2% of his priests are pedophiles. I suspect the percentage is higher. Most of these offences against children (over 90%) are never reported by the children. Often the experience is hidden by the victim child who then develops abnormally. Over 90% of children molested are attacked by men they know and trust or are known and trusted by the child's parents. However, the internet has cyber pedophiles who prowl the internet to meet and groom children not previous

Covid, Vaccines and Religion I continue to be amazed at the foolishness written by what I thought were intelligent and educated people. The Rev Al Miller should be ashamed to be contributing to vaccine hesitancy. He will now be responsible to his God for those who rely on his counsel, hesitate to get vaccinated and then get seriously ill or die. Like many other vaccine or virus deniers, he injects just enough truth in this torrent of falsehood to give his writing some credibility. I don't know why he raises the issue of 'freedom' because as far as I know, everyone is free to accept the vaccines or not. The Rev raises the issue of 'time'. The fact is that the vaccine mRNA technology being used has been researched and tested for over ten years and can now be tweaked for each virus that arises. While it is true that there are 'medical alternatives' to vaccines as the Reverend says, th

Jamaica's Development stalls on Mobay Bypass.... Mr. Lewis, let me help you to understand. I preview what I say by stating that as a general principle, all government contracts should go to tender. While I agree with you that Jamaica has a construction sector that is inefficient and mired in corruption and extortion, I do not agree with you that Jamaicans should just resign ourselves to this. Let this project be the first to be different! If the government cannot ensure this, then why have them as government? If the government cannot create a regulatory environment for the construction industry, why have them? If a government cannot tender out one road contract without it getting mired in inefficiency, cost overruns, corruption and extortion then those in power have no business being our government! Secondly, I cannot speak for the opposition or the Masterbuilders Association as to why they did not complain when the orig

Corona Virus and the Threat to Democracy I hold no brief for anti vaxers but growing numbers believe that what’s right and wrong — especially where it concerns the rights of marginalised groups such as virus deniers and the anti vax movement to say how they feel and to not accept the vaccine are sufficiently self-evident they shouldn’t be up for debate. However, social media has banned their ability to be heard and here in Canada at least one pastor has been jailed for defying the restrictions. So, we all, including anti-vaxxers have the right to be heard but what happens when a pandemic threatens and the government of the day has to use an 'exception' to these rights? All of a sudden, those rights are up for debate. Who decides on the exceptions? Can power ever truly be democratised? If there is a threat to everyone by those who refuse the vaccine as governments say, what happens to democracy? For example, do I as a

We have to live with Madam Corona

  I am not an 'anti-vaxxer'. I have had several vaccines from I was a child and I get the flu vaccine every year. However, what concerns me is that those against the current Covid vaccine program are not solely 'anti-vaxxers'. For example, Prof G. Vanden Bossche, a Coordinator in the development of previous vaccines and a  supporter  of vaccines has this to say about the Covid vaccines: What also concerns me is that vaccines are now being used to prevent people from accessing employment, the right to travel as well as other rights and government benefits in some places. Here in Canada, the land border with the US remains closed and no travel is allowed to the Caribbean or Mexico - countries that I usually visit every winter. These barriers have devastated countries like Jamaica and Mexico that rely on tourism. Even though some like Bill Gates had warned that a pandemic was coming, the Covid pandemic came on so quickly that most were surpri